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Live Hot Sauce is

Flavor First

Exceptional Service

Small Batch

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Natural

Quality Assured

Made in USA

PA Department of Agriculture Certified


About Live Hot Sauce

Our Background

In 2020, after working in food service I found a passion for small farming and home gardening. I began growing peppers and cooking with them in my kitchen. When I had too many peppers, I learned to ferment them and make hot sauce. The fresh flavor and real heat surprised me, and I realized how many hot sauces are not very flavorful or natural. I began to experiment more and learned what worked. I was surprised by people's faces when they are surprised by the flavors. I took more steps to ensure the safety of my sauces and learned what was needed to sell bottles to friends and family. After a year of working on certifications I'm proud to bring you a fresh product. I hope to inspire more people to grow a few plants and taste the difference of small batch natural food. 

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Willow Grove Pennsylvania

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